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Each Day Is New-Should We Be Excited?


I know we are not supposed to look at the past, but I am finding it hard to forget 2012.  Maybe I need to reflect back on this sluggish New Year’s day and see if I could have changed anything. I can begin with all the morning newspapers and all the non-positive things I have read each morning.  I pick up a cup of coffee, add the cream and sit down with my sweetie.  Just looking  at the headline sometimes gives me the chills.  I see murders, child abuse, businesses closing, delinquent taxes, divorces, shootings in schools and malls, drugs, and on and on and on.  So far, reading this newspaper has not made me feel too positive.  Why do I read it anyway?


I go downstairs and sit down in my home office, take a deep breath and shake off the residue left from reading the newspaper.  Our company, Hudson-Gillmor Associates, manages the yellow page and online advertising for some major medical and hospital accounts.  Many of these accounts are deeply concerned with the changes in healthcare and need to cut some advertising.  Politely and with much professional care, I lead them through their budgets and devise a plan they will approve for less revenue.  I get off the phone and want to cry……sad but true.

Thinking “out of the box” as been the norm in 2012.  Finding new ways to cut household and business expense has been necessary for most people.  It is the wise things to do.  Closing down office space and moving into home offices was necessary and a positive move.  Gee, I am glad we thought of doing this.  I love working from home….any hour….anytime. No more water cooler talk space, office kitchen closed, but we are still in business and we have jobs.  We are thinking “out of the box”.

The death of many loved ones happened to our family.  Losing our 13-year-old, Lauren Swann has been the most painful experience yet.  Unexpected.  We are trying to understand.  Did this really happen?

Okay, so I am looking back and remember some devastating events, but I don’t think I could have prevented any of them.  Most of the “things” causing heartache were temporal.  The older I get the more I realize “things” or “ways” are not forever.  There is an ever-changing turnover in business, families, lives and the world.  Just about when you think all is well…….look out….it will change.

How do we learn to deal with all this uncertainty?  Even we Christians must ask ourselves this question all the time.  I have experienced major crisis in my life and the only “thing” that brought me through was fully trusting that this crisis would end and God was with me all the way.  If you are troubled, don’t try to figure out how “you” can make it go away.  Stop.  Pray and ask God to give you support and direction.  Then you may need to do some things for yourself.  Talk to a friend you can trust and become a prayer partner with them.  Get out of the house and look at all the people in need and in worse condition than you.

We are never too young or too old to have a new beginning!



Each Day Is New–Snow and More Snow


Snow is beautiful, but…………….  On Tuesday evening, after a lot of snow, the rain started and then freezing temperatures.  This is not good.  I looked out our family room window and our shrubs looked like glass and the trees were like crystal.  In some respect, they were beautiful.

Mr. B and I were tried and actually headed off to bed around 9:30pm.  We didn’t figure we could do anything to stop the snow and we might as well go to sleep.  We had just dozed off when we heard a loud boom and the electric went off.  We have heard this noise before and knew it was the transformer on the electric pole.  This happened on Tuesday, the 27 th.

Little did we know that thousands of other people were experiencing the same thing.  Huge pine trees that line our street just couldn’t take the weight of the ice and they were on top of the electric lines and would stay there until Friday, the 30th.

We had family nearby with electric and heat and they were more than glad to let us stay with them a few days.  We were inconvenienced, but we had a place to stay.

It is during the crisis that communities and families really reach out.  Neighbors in our sub-division with electric reached out to others  & offered shelter.  We were able to take our  frozen food and keep it in someones freezer. 

We returned home on Friday and our neighbor offered to shovel our drive-way and has delivered our newspaper to our door each day.  Several people knew my husband was very sick during this time and they called to see if we needed anything.

Through this crisis I began to think about all the people who have no home and live in shelters every night.  They are at the mercy of someone giving them a coat that may even be the wrong size, but they are glad to get it.  They have to depend on someones generosity in preparing them a hot meal.   Being cold in the winter is no option for some people.  It was just an inconvenience for me and I need to thank God every day for my blessings.

A Psalm for Going to Market


I was looking through some old cook books this morning and came across one that I made for a church were my husband was pastor over 35 years ago.   This seems to fit right in with all of us shopping for Christmas dinners, watching our dollars at the super market and the hustle and bustle of it all.

I will rejoice in the Lord as I set off to market with my children.  I will give thanks unto the Lord for this good bright day.

I will praise Him for this car at my disposal, the miracle of it’s body and it’s wheels and it’s engine and even my ability to drive it.  For I am but one of a horde of women who propel ourselves about the earth on errands and duties and jaunts of pleasure, in a manner that would be envied by the riches of chariot-ed kings.

I will lift up my eyes to the beauty of the roadside in the morning, to the parks and playgrounds, the schools and stores, to the houses large and small, all so marvelously equipped with devices and comforts for living.

I will open my eyes to the beauty of traffic lights, their glowing Christmas tree colors of scarlet and green.  I will see the loveliness of the sunlit parking lot and of mothers hastening to market, alone or with children trailing.

I will give thanks for the privilege of pushing a cart along the aisles, one child in the basket and another hitching rides.  I will try not to lose patience, try not to scold.  I will be grateful for the friends who pause to chat and for the people who smile upon our little caravan.

I will rejoice and give thanks for the spaciousness and bounty of this place.  For all the fragrant, gaily colored foods and products for my home.  I will ask for the judgment to choose wisely.

I will rejoice and give thanks to my God who has provided the beauty and abundance of this my land, this my neighborhood and this my hour of marketing.

…Marjorie Holmes

Dinner With the “Undertakers”!


October is the month of spooks, bump in the night and pumpkins glowing in the dark.  It was also time to meet with the “undertakers” on a social basis.  Actually, it was a blast meeting at O’Charleys and having a fun dinner and having guts laughs.  It had been too long since we stopped to “INHALE” all the good vibs from friends we have known for twenty-five years.

 Have you neglected getting together with those friends that always make you feel better?  We will be talking for days about all we shared and planning on our next get-to-gather.