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Each Day Is New- Am I Invisible?


See full size imageWhat a difference a day makes….24 little hours.  Up at the top of “feel good” and we can have the world by a string.  The brakes go to the floor and emotions change all of a sudden to something we don’t understand.

Today I feel invisible.  I really do.  I don’t feel a real demand for any of my abilities and I feel anyone else could do it better.  I feel like I am something that just goes along with the package.  A good wife.  A business partner.  A mother. A grandmother.  I compare myself to others and something I feel so inadequate.

I keep repeating “I feel”.  I just remembered by dad always told me we just can’t go on feelings…we must function on faith.  Okay, I am getting some answers to this awful “feeling”.  (1)  I have been married 49 years and no not all were wonderful, but through faith we are very happy and still in love. (2) Hudson-Gillmor Associates has been in business for 10 years and I know this business was started on FAITH.  (3) God richly blessed me with a heart of a mother.  Early years were sometimes hard.  We had two in college at the same time and we depended on faith for grants, jobs and parking spaces at MU. (4) GRANDMOTHER:  Yes, faith here too.  We waited 11 years for prayers to be answered.  I always wanted to be a good grandma like my “Granny Woodrum”.

I feel much better and not quite so whinny.  I needed to recall some blessings and to know tomorrow will be better.  I can see my arm and legs…so I am becoming visible again.

Each Day Is New-All In a Day’s Drive


West Virginia Peace
West Virginia Peace

Basil and I had a free day and thought we would go on one of our wild and wonderful trips.  We knew it would be in West Virginia and all in a day time drive.  We were looking for something and knew where to find it.


We spent some time at Babcock State Park over 40 years ago and remembered the serenity and peace of this remote and quite place.  This would be one of our destinations today.
 We have three vehicles, but this would definetly be a “trucking” day.  We stopped at Hawk’s Nest State Park and realized it looked the same as it did years ago.  I remember going to Hawk’s Nest with my parents as a child.  Back then, there were souviner shops all along the road and vendors hung out bedspreads for people to purchase.  Most of the shops have been closed.  The mountains are the one thing that still hold the beauty and tranquility of West Virginia.  No one can change it.
We finally arrived at Babcock State Park and it was like a place where time had stood still.  We rolled down the truck windows and let the breeze rustle our hair and cool our faces. Most of the cabins were still nestled in the overgrowth of mountain laurel and thick pine trees.  It was so quite you could hear the water rushing over the boulders in the creek and in the distance you could hear the birds singing.
Babcock CabinWe drove through the park and recalled memories of staying in one of the cabin years ago.  The cabins are well equipped with electric and moden appliances and most have a fireplace.  I just needed to smell the smoke from the chimney to make the scene perfect.
The green trees were like a canopy over us as we drove through a tiny one lane road.  The darkness under the trees provided a perfect place for thousands of ferns to find a place to present their message.  The deer were at peace as they ate their fresh greens in the fields. 
We borrowed some of this peace from Babcock today.  This was a good time to reflect and learn how to pray for those that are hurting.  I felt so close to God and just took time to talk to Him.  We can find peace in the most unusual places.
West Virginia has many places where you can leave your burden and pick up a smile.  Try it!

Each Day Is New- Do Birds Really Love?


I put a beautiful grapevine wreath with a floral arrangement on my deck this spring.  In a few days a robin had discovered a beautiful place to start her nest.  I really think I watched love in motion with every twig that she carried to the wreath.  Many flights and pieces of straw later, she had a safe place to lay her eggs.

Three little eggs soon appeared and you could see the connection of a mother bird to be.  Diligently she stayed with the eggs and didn’t hesitate to give chase to the blue jays or anything else that came near her eggs.  She already loved what would soon be her babies.

Two eggs hatched and hungry babies soon were peeping and wanting food.  We have watched her fly from the nest to gather worms and come back with two hungry mouths open.  Many flights throughout the day and many feeding later to care for the babies.  I can see the love in what she does.

We kept seeing the mother bird come to the nest and pick up a white pearl sized ball.  I did a little research and found this is a fecal sac that comes out of babies for a while.  The mother loves the babies so much she picks it up and removes it from the nest.  Call it what you may….I call this love.

Yesterday she had really been quite busy hunting for food.  I watched as she decided to take a break for herself.  She perched on the back of a patio chair and ruffled all her feathers and started grooming herself.  All the while, she never took her eyes off the nest.  She flew back to the nest for a brief time…just to look at the babies and see if they were okay.  I know she loves these babies.

We were eating our 4th of July lunch when the first baby quickly flew from the nest and only one bird was in the nest.  I am sure the mother robin is now pulled in two directions.  She loves both babies and wants to care for the one learning to fly and have time to care for the one still in the nest.  A mother’s love goes beyond bounds…even with birds.

My heart became very humble as I observed and compared my own motherly instincts with this little robin.  This little bird cared for her babies far better than some humans.  She prepared for the birth, cared for the babies night and day and taught them how to fly.  The whole time I had my two children in the “nest” was a time to care and teach them to fly on their own.

My children are now grown and have a family of their own, but the mother in me remains the same.  I want what is best for my children and I never want to see someone hurt them or make them suffer.  I hope I taught them how to fly and how to avoid the beast of prey.  God, this mother prays a deep prayer of concern and ask you to protect them now. 

The robin and I have a lot in common.  We can see inspiration all around us, if we only look and open our hearts.

Fourty-five Things and You May Care Less



1.  My maiden name was Woodrum.

2.  I don’t like to drive behind a man driving a truck and wearing a ball cap.

3.  I have never been drunk.

4.  I don’t smoke.

5.  I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old.

6.  I don’t like Science Fiction movies or books.

7.  I won a trip to the Bahamas by having the highest yellow page sales.

8.  I love having lunch with a group of my girlfriends and just laughing until we cry.

9.  I have been married 47 years to the same man.

10.  We were wise enough to have marriage counseling when needed.

11.  I have two children and four grandchildren.

12.  I won’t leave the house without my make-up and hair groomed.

13.  I start a lot of crafts and don’t finish the crafts I don’t like.

14.  My feet are very dry and require TLC.

15.  I have worked in the yellow page industry over 22 years.

16.  I love for friends and family to “just drop in”.

17.  People that can’t make a decision and take responsibility for the decision get on my nerves.

18.  I don’t like to hear people brag about all their stocks, money and wealth.

19.  It annoys me when someone ask me how much I paid for something.

20.  I have a gift of discernment and it has saved my neck many times.

21.  I am looking forward to passing the torch, cutting back on office work and opening a new chapter in my life.  (I think I am)

22.  I am a very independent person, but I can be totally crushed when someone speaks harshly to me or deceives me.

23.  I try to be a very forgiving person.

24.  I love my church family and I think the feeling is mutual.

25.  I wish I had nice smooth feet like Lisa (my business partner).

26.  I am a business partner in a yellow page agency. 

27.  At one time in my life, I lost over 100 pounds and need to do it again.

28.  I hate family conflict.

29.  I am very trusting until someone lies to me.  The new trust will come after they prove themselves again.

30.  I am a better idea person than a follower.

31.  I usually finish a project and think to myself that someone else could have done a better job.

32. I would like to think most people like me, but I know a few dislike me.  That makes me a little sad.

33.  I am not a person to visit the cemetary.  I have never been back since my parents died.  I feel they are not there, but in heaven.

34.  I love the feel and smell of fresh flowers.

35.  I love sitting by the stream at Roaring River in the Smoky Mts.

36.  I don’t like for anyone to scream at their kids. (especially my grandkids)

37.  My sister and her daughter are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

38.  I am not afraid of dying, but I think about how long I have remaining and what I can do constructive before that time.

39. I always made sure my kids brushed their teeth two or three times a day.  One is now 44 and the other 41 and they do not have cavities.

40.  I am not a real early morning person.

41.  I am not good at losing weight.

42.  Purple is my favorite color.

43.  I have been a ministers’ wife for 35 years.  Early in the game an older ministers’ wife told me I could use the word “NO” when ask to head every committe and be the officer in every group.  

44.  I can’t play the piano, but I like to teach.

45.  I like to take adventuresome drives down roads less trodden. 

I just felt like writing some thought that won’t be any impact on history and won’t make much difference 100 years from now.  It is just me…right now.

WV Texas Lizzies


It is the holiday season and I want to begin sharing some recipes that I have used over the years.  Eloise Adkins gave a a recipe for Texas Lizzies over 40 years ago and they are fabulous.  This recipe makes about 24 dozen cookies….so you have to share them with everyone.


1 cup butter

2 cups light brown sugar

4 eggs, beaten together

2 lb. white raisins

1 lb. candied cherries (red and green) chopped

1 lb. candied pineapples chopped

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 cup bourbon

2 Tablespoons sweet milk

3 1/2 cups flour

3 teaspoons soda

1 lb. whole walnuts

1 lb. pecans (not chopped)

Put all the chopped candied fruit in a large bowl and dredge with some flour.  It may take around 3/4 cup of flour.  Make sure all the fruit is coated with the flour.

In another bowl, cream butter & sugar and add eggs and beat.  Add whiskey and beat slowly.  Add  all dry ingredients with 2 T. milk.  Add the dredged candied fruit.  Add nuts and mix with both hands.  Chill over night.

Drop 1 or 2 inches apart on greased pan.  Bake 325 or 350 for 15 minutes.

These Texas Lizzies bake golden and when cool are sort of crispy.  The most delicous Christmas cookies ever.  Great to give as a gift.

Over the river and through the woods………..


over-river.jpg…………to grandmother’s house we go. Yes, Zoe sang this song as she traveled from IL to WV. My daughter T, her hubby G and Zoe arrived yesterday and will be in WV through Christmas. Z just lit up when she opened my door and spotted all the gifts and Christmas lights. MawMaw when can we open our gifts!

There are things I hope we get to do with the grand-kids this week. It is snowing and I have the perfect hill for sleigh riding, but then two are sick. Making sugar cookies is in the plan and that should be fun.

cookies.jpgNow is the time. This is the place. Make memories while you can.

Back to 2007 For A Day


Last week….yes last week…we decided to have an open house and invite our church and some friends.  Being the Martha Stewart that I am, I wanted to work a full time job and do all the baking myself.  Well, it can be done and with aching bones and joy in your heart.  I have made fudge and cookies every evening and it has actually been good.  My sister-in-law, Sharon joined me on Wednesday evening and we baked 24 dozen Texas Lizzie cookies.

We live 28 miles from the church at Leon, WV and many of the members have not been to our present address.  They and we are excited about a get-together outside the church building.  We are having the Open House from 3pm until 9pm in order to accommodate the older folks and the working people. This will be a great time for laughter and good cookies.

I hope to take a digital picture of each person and put it into a little guest book.  This was a creative idea from my business partner, Lisa.

Out of The Mouths of Grandchildren


decorating-tree.jpgMy son and his wife have three children.  M is in the first grade and the twins, E and L are in kindergarten this year.  We just went to the Smoky Mountains and we bought each of the kids an ornament to put on the tree in the kid’s area of their home.

The girl’s got me by the hand and wanted me to go upstairs and see the tree they decorated “all by themselves.”  The tree really looked pretty and they had used spools of ribbon for an upbeat look. 

I was telling the girls that I had an ornament on my tree that their dad painted when he was a little boy just about their age.  E ask me if I was going to give the ornament to them and I told them I would give it to them someday.  E was really interested and asked if I would give it to them when I died.  I was sort of holding back a laugh and just surprisingly replied ….yes.  E said, “MawMaw, you are getting pretty close.” (to dying)

I noticed that she sort of looked at my grey hair and decided I was close.  I just had to laugh and let E know she scored big with this one.

Sweating The Small Stuff


22w7aca5inr47cagl5v3tcamlq72ucactcp22cajqei8oca9h1vtocakw3nhhca67smgwcak1mknvcadeeuu4canpeb02ca1g351ecafrd9nucavw7qbmcacs6qagcarzrk0rca37eel5catok9z4.jpgSome days are so different than others.  There are days when the sun is shinning, all the birds a singing, your hair looks great, all your clients give you kudos and everything is coming up daisies.

Those other,  not so good days, just seem to come out of nowhere.  You get up and drop everything, you get ready to sip a hot cup of coffee and spill it down the front of your shirt.  During that “bad” day the computer freezes up a million times and you are on deadline.  Everything outside looks bleak and it is raining and your head is hurting. It is good to just come home and get the mail.  Remember, this is a bad day.  You open the mail and your bank has sent a reminder that you are overdrawn. 

In the whole realm of life itself, this really is small stuff.  There is a mother and child that will be forced to live in a safe house tonight.  Sam will be sleeping under the bridge with only a dirty blanket and a cardboard box for a bed.  Little hungry children will go to bed crying for milk and the mother does not have enough money to feed her family.

During our bad day…..someone will be working for a company that must lay off fifty employees and no jobs are available.  During our bad day….a soldier will be killed to protect our freedom.

Our bad day may end with the sunset, but others will not change for a lifetime.

Eight Things to Remember


Bird House1.  Surviving and living your life successfully requires courage.  The goals and dreams you’re seeking require courage and Risk-taking.  Learn from the turtle–it only makes progress when it sticks out its neck.

2. As a child of God, prayer is kind of like calling home every day.

3.  Laugh every day…it’s like inner jogging.

4. The most important things in your home are the people.

5.  A grudge is a heavy thing to carry.

6. We do not remember days, but moments.  Life moves too fast, so enjoy your precious moments.

7.  Do the math.  Count your blessings.

8.  God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.