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Each Day Is New- July in West Virginia


Basil and I had lunch under the big oak trees in our front yard today.  I have a picnic table in the back yard and a lovely table and chairs on the deck, but something was calling for the yard.  We have two gravity reclining lawn chairs and this was a nice place to relax.

I could see our American Flag flapping in the breeze of this July day.  I couldn’t keep from thinking of all the people who have helped keep us FREE and it is an honor to see Old Glory.  My grandpa, Pearl Lucas Woodrum-WW I and my dad, Donald Edward Woodrum-WW 2 were only two of thousands who are American heros.

I closed by eyes and the coolest July breeze brushed across my skin and I almost felt like I was on the beach.  I sneaked and opened my eyes and I was still in WV…oak trees and all.  I again closed by eyes and I could hear many birds giving out their calls, bugs clicking in the trees and the smell of smoke in the distance.  Just listen…..Just listen…….The branches hanging from my oak trees were dancing with the breeze and actually keeping rhythm.

Ouch!!!  I felt something sting my hand.  It was something I hadn’t seen all summer.  A sweat bee.  Sweat bee’s are tiny, tiny little bee’s that only sting lazy people (or so my mom always said).  Well, I was being lazy today.

I am anticipating all the 4th of July events in a few days, but today was priceless.  I shared a tuna sandwich with the man I love for time and eternity, the breeze was cooling us and God’s creation was tapping on my shoulder.  Sometime we just need to slow down and look around us.

“Be still and know I am God”.

Each Day Is New- Am I Invisible?


See full size imageWhat a difference a day makes….24 little hours.  Up at the top of “feel good” and we can have the world by a string.  The brakes go to the floor and emotions change all of a sudden to something we don’t understand.

Today I feel invisible.  I really do.  I don’t feel a real demand for any of my abilities and I feel anyone else could do it better.  I feel like I am something that just goes along with the package.  A good wife.  A business partner.  A mother. A grandmother.  I compare myself to others and something I feel so inadequate.

I keep repeating “I feel”.  I just remembered by dad always told me we just can’t go on feelings…we must function on faith.  Okay, I am getting some answers to this awful “feeling”.  (1)  I have been married 49 years and no not all were wonderful, but through faith we are very happy and still in love. (2) Hudson-Gillmor Associates has been in business for 10 years and I know this business was started on FAITH.  (3) God richly blessed me with a heart of a mother.  Early years were sometimes hard.  We had two in college at the same time and we depended on faith for grants, jobs and parking spaces at MU. (4) GRANDMOTHER:  Yes, faith here too.  We waited 11 years for prayers to be answered.  I always wanted to be a good grandma like my “Granny Woodrum”.

I feel much better and not quite so whinny.  I needed to recall some blessings and to know tomorrow will be better.  I can see my arm and legs…so I am becoming visible again.

Each Day Is New-Traveling West Virginia


Basil and I just wanted to get “out-of-town” for the day.  We really didn’t know where we were heading until I mentioned Fayetteville, WV.  We have no problem making a wonderful adventure out of a simple drive.

Of course, we took mostly back roads and childhood memories began to arise to the present.  I remembered going to Hawks Nest and up the Gauley River as a child.  There used to be a blue camper on a big rock at Glen Farris, but it has been replaced with a rustic cabin.

We finally arrived in Fayetteville and neither of us could remember being here in years.  This is such a historic town and many facilities for the people who enjoy white water rafting.  We had lunch at Pies and Pints and the quality of the pizza and salad was outstanding.  I can’t wait until they open in Charleston!

We took the drive down the one way road that goes under the New River Gorge Bridge.  I thought it would be scary, but I really enjoyed the drive.  I have lots of pictures to PROVE we actually did it.

We drove on to Sutton and some quick stops at the Flatwoods Outlets.  I am really not impressed with these stores and we headed back to Scott Depot.

I am totally amazed at the insight God used when He created the West Virginia Hills.  We have black diamonds under ground and mountains like no other.

Each Day Is New-MOTHER Training


I  became a mother at the young age of 21 years old and knew very little about the position.  No one gave me a job description, I didn’t know the position would be 24/7 and it was truly on the job training.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not complaining.

The older women in my family gave me wonderful examples of being a good MOTHER.  I had grandparents, aunts and my own mother from which I learned.  My mother made sure her children were taught manners, our clothes were always clean, brushing your teeth was important and that God is to be first in your life.

All through my children’s childhood I did the best job possible and prayed to God that it was right.  I read in the Bible if I trained up my children in the way they should go that they would not depart.  My faith was in God and His promises.

Parents make many sacrifices to see the needs of their children are met.  I can remember not buying shoes or clothes for myself in order to buy for my children.  I don’t regret it and would do it again. 

Tomorrow my adult children will visit and I think they have turned out exceptionally well.  The most important thing in their life is their faith and acceptance of God.  I am sure they have new ideas on parenting, but the basis of it all is your love for God and family. 

Sometimes I wish I could have a few days and my children would be little again.  Well, that is not going to happen.  The next best thing is having grandchildren.  I can sort of spoil them and then give them back to their parents. 

My mother and grandparents have passed, but they left me something money can not buy.  Thanks, mom.

Each Day Is New-Finding the Beauty in Spring


The sun peaked through the bedroom early this morning and seemed to be calling to me.  I wanted this Saturday to one of those days when I can say, “Ah, Ha” when it is over and know it was good.  I want to find beauty in the things I see, the people I meet and in everything around me.

Well, I had better get this adventure under way.  Basil was still asleep and I had to gently convince him that we were going to go to yard sales.  We got dressed and didn’t even make the bed.(making the bed is usually a must)  We are going to look for yard sales and beauty and the unmade bed will be there when we get back.

We didn’t want to take time to eat breakfast at home so we headed to Tudor’s Biscuit in Teays Valley.  While Basil was ordering I got a booth and it was close to six older men sitting at a round table.  My ear tuned in to their amusing conversations.  They discussed Mexicans being in the US, World War II submarines, standing and sitting in a Catholic church and what they used to do on their jobs.  I didn’t have to pay a dime for this entertainment and there was beauty in listening. 

Breakfast is over and the yard sale search begins.  We looked for the signs and followed the arrows to several sales in Bentree.  I soon ran into a friend that I haven’t seen for a long time.  We took time to chat and then ran into each other at four other sales.  This was nice.

We drove through several subdivisions and admired the trees and flowers that were blooming in full color.  Many hosta plants were peeking their heads through the soil.  The geese from the lake were strutting right in the middle of the road and were reluctant to move for anyone.  After all, they are looking for the beauty in Spring too.  They have been sitting in cold water all winter.

I have a floral wreath on my front door to brighten the entry.  Right in the middle of the flowers on the bottom is a ” new bird nest” that has just been built.  There is one little blue egg that the mother has laid.  I am glad she chose my wreath and my door for her home.  This is a beautiful sight.

I also looked at my husband and I smiled.  On April 21st we will have been married 48 years and I love him more now than the day I married him.  We have had our “up’s and down’s”, but we have worked on situations to keep together the family that God had in His plans.  There is joy and beauty in growing older together and still enjoying the simple things of life.

The best things in life are free.

Each Day Is New-Something Is Missing!!!


Yesterday I was handed the company bank deposit as I was leaving the office.  Our bank is on my way home and I was glad to run this errand.  I picked up my coat, ABC Catalog, purse and the deposit.  For some reason, I passed up the bank and just decided to make the deposit the next morning.

THIS MORNING:  I am preparing to put on may make-up, go to Target and drop of the deposit.  I can not find the deposit anywhere.  Before I sound the alarm, I search the front seat of the car, I go through the trash, I dump out my purse and look in my home office.  I never put the business deposit in any of these places,…..but I am going to check. 

Panic is setting in at this point.  I call my husband (who is 30 miles away) and ask if he has seen the deposit.  I call my business partner and dread telling her I can’t find our deposit.  One person has already searched my office, but she and Lisa will search again.  They can’t find it anywhere.

I know I had taken responsibility for something that was precious and valuable and I have lost it. I can’t blame anyone else.  I have to take responsibility for this problem.  I am praying and the people at the office are praying that we can find what is lost.  No one is giving up!  We want what we had in our hands.  We want to have the joy of finding what is precious.

Lisa makes another search, but goes outside the office.  This time she looks at the place where I parked yesterday.  There hiding in the tall grass (like the prize Easter egg) was our bank deposit. I had dropped the deposit as I was getting in the car.  It was wet from the rain, but had not lost the worth.

I thought about our spiritual lives and how many times we lose our direction or lose the joy we once had in our lives.  There are wonderful people that will help us find what is missing.  What did I once have that was valuable and brought complete joy in my life?  I need to seek the precious gifts that God has given me and let them bring joy to my life and to the life of others.

My business partner reminded me of God when the lost deposit was found.  She didn’t start criticizing me or blaming.  She said it was okay and what was lost is found.  That is exactly what God does when we renew our fellowship with Him and find our way on new paths.

Each Day Is New-There Are Lot’s of Different Birds


We live in the greatest country in the world….a land of freedom.  Or, is it?  How many times do we hear the words “we have never done it this way before?”  American is facing a future of changes, new ideas (some I don’t like), but change is coming.  If our ideas and our political parties ideas have not worked….are we open to something that will work?

I want to share “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins” with you.  Please take a few short minutes to click on this link and listen.  We need to be open to becoming ourselves and letting others use there thoughts and ideas too.

Together we can make a difference.  Are you a penguin or a peacock?  Why or why not?

Gift from the WV Coal Camp


Paula Hudnall Gift

Paula Hudnall Gift

Let’s roll back the clock almost 59 years and let’s go to Mammoth, WV.  You will have to read some of my earlier blog post to learn about living in a WV Coal Camp.

I remember not wanting to leave all my friends like Lynn Hudnall, Karen Agee, Punch and Loretta Edens, The Hurley’s, The Ash Family, The Pringles and Carol Ann Bagley.  I was crying and saying how much I would miss my friends.

Paula Hudnall lived next door to us and I always thought she was very nice.  I remember her putting her arms around me and she handed me something.  It was a very little novelty that looked like an old oil lamp.  Paula told me to keep this close to me and every-time I look at it to remember her. 

This little lamp brought so much comfort to a little girl that was moving and losing all her friends.  Well, 59 years later, I still have that little lamp (picture at the top) and I will keep it forever.  As a teen I kept it in my “treasure box” and it has travel with me through many moves and travels.

It is not how big a gift you give, but how you give that makes a difference.

Granny’s Snow Cream


I am reposting an earlier blog entry today.  We have a huge snowfall here in West Virginia today and I am thinking of my Granny Woodrum.

Earlier Post from 2007

I can remember being at Granny Woodrum’s house and the first big snow of the season was on the ground.  Everyone was so excited and we would pull back the curtains to view the white that covered the ground and trees. 

This was a time of celebration!  It is time for Snow Ice Cream.  Granny had a blue porcelin bowl that would be brought out to mix the ingredients.  She would mix Carnation milk, sugar and vanilla in the bowl and give it several good stirs with a whisk.

For the rest of the ingredients, we have to put on our coats, hats and boots.  We are actually going outside a find a good clean place to gather snow and add it to the bowl of ingredients.  ***Granny always reminded us to not get snow that looked yellow.  The yellow snow meant there was dog pee in that spot***.  lol

We would go back in the house and we would all enjoy a wonderful treat that came with the first snow fall.  Granny always did know how to make memories that would be with me for years to come. 

I wish Granny would still be around and we would share some Snow Cream when the first snow arrives this winter.