Each Day Is New- The Lady In Red


My aunt Marcella passed away a couple of days ago.  We visited the funeral home today and paid our honor to she and her family.  As I neared the coffin I could see her wishes had been carried out.  My 88-year-old aunt always loved the color red and wore it all the time.  Today was no exception.  Marcella had beautiful red flowers on her casket and she was dressed in a red suit and red loop earrings.

I spent many summers visiting with Marcella’s family.  Her daughter, Joyce and I would spend the day playing in the town of St. Albans.  Aunt Marcella was a professional seamstress and she could make anything.  Joyce always had the most beautiful doll cloths and I sort of felt a little jealous.  Her mom would have left over material and it would turn into a doll dress, doll coats and hats.

Marcella was my mother’s oldest sister and they were very close.  Marcella and Joyce would come and stay a week with us when we lived in a coal camp in Mammoth, WV. One day Joyce and I decided to play beauty shop.  I was about six and Joyce was five….when we became beauticians.  I was bossy even then.  I talked Joyce into letting me cut her hair and assured her I would be careful.  I decided she needed it cut SHORT.  Clip, clip, snip all on one side of her head and then….OUR MOTHER’S CAME OUT ON THE PORCH where I was cutting.  I thought they were going to faint and we were two scared little girls.

Through the years Marcella’s signature color was always red.  I wonder if the Red Hat Society got their idea from her?

I will always cherish my childhood memories at Aunt Marcella’s house.  She had a parakeet that laid eggs, a bathtub on claw feet, a wardrobe with lots of hats, a really fast sewing machine, crisp bacon and lots of patience to tolerate two giggling little girls.  We would always attend Grace Baptist Temple on Sunday and come home to a Sunday Dinner.

The Lady in Red had lived her many years and brought joy to others.  God called her home and I believe she may even get a red robe in heaven.

Each Day Is New-“I Can’t Find My Sunglasses”


I sometimes spend a lot of time looking for “things”.  Recently it has been my prescription sunglasses that are on “The Most Wanted”  list.  I have plain old sunglasses, but I need…my…prescription….glasses. 

I began searching in the most obvious places.  I went to the closet and went through at least twenty handbags and I found stale lifesavers, pens that won’t write, loose change, out of date coupons, but no sunglasses.  Okay, they must be in the beach bag.  Beach bag searched and no luck.  I savaged through dresser drawers, kitchen drawers and sunroom and I just can’t find them.

By now, I don’t think I am the person that lost my…prescription….sunglasses.  It must be Basil, my wonderful husband.  He is always cleaning out things while I am at the office and he probably trashed them.  I am getting more convinced I can’t find what is precious to me because of someone else being irresponsible.

Weeks have now gone by and we are getting more sunshine and beach weather is near.  I know by now, I will just have to make an appointment for an eye exam and purchase NEW….prescription…..sunglasses. 

That sweet man of mine has been busy all morning cleaning out my car.  He is always doing something nice, but I have to double-check the garbage because he will just toss good things.  He just pecked on the family room door and he was holding in his hand MY….PRESCRIPTION….SUNGLASSES.  I swallowed sort of hard and said, “Where did you find them”?  He said they were in your car console down under some junk and Christmas CD’s. 

He  handed them to me and just smiled. 

Loosing what is precious because of all the things that are not precious.  What is precious in our lives sometimes gets covered up by all the “stuff” in our lives and we miss golden moments that will never return.  Are all the hours spent working robbing you of the precious time you have with your family?  Do you have so much “stuff” that you don’t have time for just a few hours of worship time with God?  Don’t be like me and blame someone else for your precious things becoming missing items.  Most usually the most precious things in your life are right where you left them.

Simple events can be life lessons.

Each Day Is New- Am I Invisible?


See full size imageWhat a difference a day makes….24 little hours.  Up at the top of “feel good” and we can have the world by a string.  The brakes go to the floor and emotions change all of a sudden to something we don’t understand.

Today I feel invisible.  I really do.  I don’t feel a real demand for any of my abilities and I feel anyone else could do it better.  I feel like I am something that just goes along with the package.  A good wife.  A business partner.  A mother. A grandmother.  I compare myself to others and something I feel so inadequate.

I keep repeating “I feel”.  I just remembered by dad always told me we just can’t go on feelings…we must function on faith.  Okay, I am getting some answers to this awful “feeling”.  (1)  I have been married 49 years and no not all were wonderful, but through faith we are very happy and still in love. (2) Hudson-Gillmor Associates has been in business for 10 years and I know this business was started on FAITH.  (3) God richly blessed me with a heart of a mother.  Early years were sometimes hard.  We had two in college at the same time and we depended on faith for grants, jobs and parking spaces at MU. (4) GRANDMOTHER:  Yes, faith here too.  We waited 11 years for prayers to be answered.  I always wanted to be a good grandma like my “Granny Woodrum”.

I feel much better and not quite so whinny.  I needed to recall some blessings and to know tomorrow will be better.  I can see my arm and legs…so I am becoming visible again.

Each Day Is New-Count Your Blessings


Yesterday ….on a scale from one to ten was a good 9.  I have been thinking about how I can make today equal with yesterday.  I am not traveling and looking at beautiful scenery, but let’s see where we can go with this.

To begin with, I am looking at a wall behind my computer that has multiple pictures of all four grandchildren.  Matthew was the first and formost amoung all these kiddo’s.  Followed by Emily, Lauren and Zoe.  They are truly a priceless gift.

I can hear my washer tugging, tugging, tugging away.  The poor washer always gets all the dirty clothes, but it is so faithful.  Thankful!

I see a stack of paid receipts (that need to be filed) on my desk.  I can remember a time long ago where there wasn’t enough money to have a stack of paid receipts.  Oh, how God so richly blesses us.  We have more than we deserve and I am THANKFUL!

I just picked up at least five pair shoes in my family room.  I have a habit of just stepping out of them.  Some people don’t even have shoes.  I am blessed!

I complain about the cost of medicine and health care, but both are available.  I can’t imagine going through life without enough money for the medicine that makes you function.  I am blessed….even if the price is too high!

I could meditate and count blessings all day.  It was good to STOP and take time to reflect on all the beauty and blessing in my life?

Do you have any blessings you would like to share?

Each Day Is New-Traveling West Virginia


Basil and I just wanted to get “out-of-town” for the day.  We really didn’t know where we were heading until I mentioned Fayetteville, WV.  We have no problem making a wonderful adventure out of a simple drive.

Of course, we took mostly back roads and childhood memories began to arise to the present.  I remembered going to Hawks Nest and up the Gauley River as a child.  There used to be a blue camper on a big rock at Glen Farris, but it has been replaced with a rustic cabin.

We finally arrived in Fayetteville and neither of us could remember being here in years.  This is such a historic town and many facilities for the people who enjoy white water rafting.  We had lunch at Pies and Pints and the quality of the pizza and salad was outstanding.  I can’t wait until they open in Charleston!

We took the drive down the one way road that goes under the New River Gorge Bridge.  I thought it would be scary, but I really enjoyed the drive.  I have lots of pictures to PROVE we actually did it.

We drove on to Sutton and some quick stops at the Flatwoods Outlets.  I am really not impressed with these stores and we headed back to Scott Depot.

I am totally amazed at the insight God used when He created the West Virginia Hills.  We have black diamonds under ground and mountains like no other.

Each Day Is New- A New Look at Labor Day


labor day

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It is Labor Day week-end and a time for picnic’s, family gatherings and getting in the last vacation day’s before the end of summer. 

Are we really thankful for our job’s or do we just complain each day?  It is time for me to take a new look  at myself this Labor Day and count my blessings.

Our worship service was really fun this morning and we learned a lot about each other.  Each person was asked to wear their work clothes or something that was symbolic of their job.  My job revolves around the yellow pages print, online advertising and direct mail.  Idearc gave us some promotional material and I wore my SuperGuarantee yellow cape.  The people in the medical field wore their scrubs and told a little about their job.  We have mechanics, students, teachers, lab techs, farmers, and too many more to mention.  It was fun learning more about the people we worship with each week.

Basil Hudson, the pastor (and my husband) reminded us we need to be as prepared for our spiritual work as we are to our daily jobs.  There are many ministries within the church and workers are welcome.  We need to be more than “sponge Christians” that just soak up and never give back with our talents.  Many churches are full , but the workers are few.

Finding balance between job, family and God is essential in my life.  I want to evaluate my life and set new goals.  Labor Day has helped bring this need to my attention.

Canaan Loop Rd (2)

I want to walk my talk.

Each Day Is New-Where is the Father?


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I love to sit on the balcony at the beach and take in all the action.  We are always looking for a sharks, dolphins and sailboats.  I love to watch

View From The Top

people try to put up their canopy and a big whisk of wind catch it.  I suppose that is funny to me, but not them.

One particular day I was sitting on the balcony and noticed a little boy around two years old who seemed to be by himself.  I didn’t see any adults near him.  He had on his little inner tube and began walking out past the row of umbrellas.  I though “where are the parents?  Is anyone watching this kid?”  Step after step he was heading past the umbrellas and down toward the ocean.  I was really getting worried.  He is now at the edge of the water.  Danger is near.

I spot a young man with two other children and he hold up his arms and the little boy takes his hand.  HE IS THE FATHER.  The father knew where is son was all the time.  The little boy was safe and his father really was watching out for him.

This is just like our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes it seems we are all alone and no one is looking after us.  Our Heavenly Father has us in His sites and He has went down the path before us.  We are safe and He knows our every movement.  What a comforting thought.

Each Day Is New-A Kodak Moment


We just had a wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Yes, I know there are other beaches, but we went to Myrtle.  After all, it is sort of a WV thing.  Right?  This was a time to not hurry, make many pit stops on the way down and have our mind, soul and body refreshed.

Water FunWater just touches my spirit and one look at the vast ocean and I am open to being mentally refreshed.  For some reason, the word limitations entered my mind and I didn’t know why.  What made me think of the word limitations?

The water in the pool felt as refreshing as it looked.  The pool was very accessible, easy to get into the water and relaxed very muscle in my stressed body.  Oh, no I am thinking of the word limitations.  I know I have more limitations than I did 20 or 30 years ago.  Am I supposed to learn something about limitations?

During the week we headed out to Broadway at the Beach.  The left side of my back in the kidney area was really hurting when I walked.  I was wondering if “Uncle Arthur” had struck my back?  Am I getting old too quick?  Do I have limitations?  (I didn’t know it then, but I was getting a serious kidney infection )  Actually I was feeling like a “party pooper” with my back hurting and my legs hurting.  I was feeling sorry for myself and thought I had too many limitations.

Water Pool UmbrellaSomething is going to happen under this Water Umbrella and it will be the highlight of my vacation.  My sister and I were sitting in the sun near this water umbrella.  I see a black woman pushing a wheelchair down the side of the pool.  Her husband is a very large man in swimming trunks and his legs are off below the knees.  The man in the wheelchair looked so hot and he desperately wanted in the water.  This end of the pool has a slight ramp, but his wife didn’t have the muscle to wheel him in.

A total stranger sitting beside me told the man he would help him get into the water.  Slowly, he backed the wheelchair into the water and directly under the water umbrella.  The smile and joy expressed by the handicapped man was felt by everyone.  He sat under the umbrella with water streaming down his body and he began to laugh.  He said I could just stay in here all day.

This man certainly had LIMITATIONS, but he didn’t let them stop him.  He wasn’t afraid to ask someone for help.

I had been complaining with a back aches and leg aches, but I saw someone with no legs and I didn’t feel quite so bad. My limitations are small.

Each Day Is New-All In a Day’s Drive


West Virginia Peace
West Virginia Peace

Basil and I had a free day and thought we would go on one of our wild and wonderful trips.  We knew it would be in West Virginia and all in a day time drive.  We were looking for something and knew where to find it.


We spent some time at Babcock State Park over 40 years ago and remembered the serenity and peace of this remote and quite place.  This would be one of our destinations today.
 We have three vehicles, but this would definetly be a “trucking” day.  We stopped at Hawk’s Nest State Park and realized it looked the same as it did years ago.  I remember going to Hawk’s Nest with my parents as a child.  Back then, there were souviner shops all along the road and vendors hung out bedspreads for people to purchase.  Most of the shops have been closed.  The mountains are the one thing that still hold the beauty and tranquility of West Virginia.  No one can change it.
We finally arrived at Babcock State Park and it was like a place where time had stood still.  We rolled down the truck windows and let the breeze rustle our hair and cool our faces. Most of the cabins were still nestled in the overgrowth of mountain laurel and thick pine trees.  It was so quite you could hear the water rushing over the boulders in the creek and in the distance you could hear the birds singing.
Babcock CabinWe drove through the park and recalled memories of staying in one of the cabin years ago.  The cabins are well equipped with electric and moden appliances and most have a fireplace.  I just needed to smell the smoke from the chimney to make the scene perfect.
The green trees were like a canopy over us as we drove through a tiny one lane road.  The darkness under the trees provided a perfect place for thousands of ferns to find a place to present their message.  The deer were at peace as they ate their fresh greens in the fields. 
We borrowed some of this peace from Babcock today.  This was a good time to reflect and learn how to pray for those that are hurting.  I felt so close to God and just took time to talk to Him.  We can find peace in the most unusual places.
West Virginia has many places where you can leave your burden and pick up a smile.  Try it!

Each Day Is New- All Things Connected


Out of the abundance of the heart my mouth speaks.  I feel a deep need to express myself in words that will relieve the grinding within me and loose the threads that binds so tight.  All things within me seem to be connected.

All the things we see, hear, feel and even smell translate into a physical emotion that brings sorrow or joy to us.  The smell of a new born babies neck and the touch of his tiny toes always brings a deep breath and a big smile to my face.  This sight and touch puts my memory in reverse and immediately I think of cuddling my own children and the joy they brought.

A beautiful morning can be crushed before it has time to continue by erratic words that enter your ears.  The sounds seem to quickly go past the ear and into your gut and them explode out to your nervous system.  How it is possible?  How can three and four letter words effect our emotions?

When our heart is breaking there is a longing to just cry.  How is my heart connected to my eyes?  My tears seem to be a great release and maybe it is the place where all the tension can be released back into the air.  I remember a verse of a song…”He washed my eyes with tears that I might see.”  Don’t let anyone convince you that only wimps cry.  All great people find a time and place to cry…so they can go on with life.  All things are connected.

A beautiful rose may wonder …”what is my purpose?”  Then someone walks through the garden and bends down and strokes the roses’ petal.  Then the person comes closer and smells the fragrance of the rose and says “oh, this smells so good.”  This one little roses’ smell may have brought peace to someone very sad or a recalled a memory of roses in the past.  All things are connected.

Within me is the power to pray very privately to God and express all my thanks for His bountiful blessings or I can empty my ugly thoughts and deepest needs.  All things within me are connected to Him.  I don’t have to be afraid to tell Him my needs (actually He already knows my thoughts).  Asking forgiveness and expressing praise opens up new opportunities to see out of different eyes and realize He is in control.  All things are connected.

Lord, the things that have passed through our sight this morning can touch us and make a sad day better.  You have provided beauty through the smell and color of a garden of flowers.  Help us take time to stop to smell the flowers along our path.  Bless those that share their words and encouragement.  In His Name-AMEN