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Out of The Mouths of Grandchildren


decorating-tree.jpgMy son and his wife have three children.  M is in the first grade and the twins, E and L are in kindergarten this year.  We just went to the Smoky Mountains and we bought each of the kids an ornament to put on the tree in the kid’s area of their home.

The girl’s got me by the hand and wanted me to go upstairs and see the tree they decorated “all by themselves.”  The tree really looked pretty and they had used spools of ribbon for an upbeat look. 

I was telling the girls that I had an ornament on my tree that their dad painted when he was a little boy just about their age.  E ask me if I was going to give the ornament to them and I told them I would give it to them someday.  E was really interested and asked if I would give it to them when I died.  I was sort of holding back a laugh and just surprisingly replied ….yes.  E said, “MawMaw, you are getting pretty close.” (to dying)

I noticed that she sort of looked at my grey hair and decided I was close.  I just had to laugh and let E know she scored big with this one.