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Sweating The Small Stuff


22w7aca5inr47cagl5v3tcamlq72ucactcp22cajqei8oca9h1vtocakw3nhhca67smgwcak1mknvcadeeuu4canpeb02ca1g351ecafrd9nucavw7qbmcacs6qagcarzrk0rca37eel5catok9z4.jpgSome days are so different than others.  There are days when the sun is shinning, all the birds a singing, your hair looks great, all your clients give you kudos and everything is coming up daisies.

Those other,  not so good days, just seem to come out of nowhere.  You get up and drop everything, you get ready to sip a hot cup of coffee and spill it down the front of your shirt.  During that “bad” day the computer freezes up a million times and you are on deadline.  Everything outside looks bleak and it is raining and your head is hurting. It is good to just come home and get the mail.  Remember, this is a bad day.  You open the mail and your bank has sent a reminder that you are overdrawn. 

In the whole realm of life itself, this really is small stuff.  There is a mother and child that will be forced to live in a safe house tonight.  Sam will be sleeping under the bridge with only a dirty blanket and a cardboard box for a bed.  Little hungry children will go to bed crying for milk and the mother does not have enough money to feed her family.

During our bad day…..someone will be working for a company that must lay off fifty employees and no jobs are available.  During our bad day….a soldier will be killed to protect our freedom.

Our bad day may end with the sunset, but others will not change for a lifetime.