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Each Day Is New–Reading the Beginning



Some of the most interesting post on this blog begin with some of the earlier post.  I would like to suggest that you go back and read through some of stories about country life, life in a WV Coal Camp and many stories about grandparents.

I will be picking up on some new stories that happened in the ’60’s in the next few days.  In the meantime, look back and read some of the earlier posts.

I really invite you to leave comments.  It is nice to know if any of your writing touchs anyone else.


Fourty-five Things and You May Care Less



1.  My maiden name was Woodrum.

2.  I don’t like to drive behind a man driving a truck and wearing a ball cap.

3.  I have never been drunk.

4.  I don’t smoke.

5.  I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old.

6.  I don’t like Science Fiction movies or books.

7.  I won a trip to the Bahamas by having the highest yellow page sales.

8.  I love having lunch with a group of my girlfriends and just laughing until we cry.

9.  I have been married 47 years to the same man.

10.  We were wise enough to have marriage counseling when needed.

11.  I have two children and four grandchildren.

12.  I won’t leave the house without my make-up and hair groomed.

13.  I start a lot of crafts and don’t finish the crafts I don’t like.

14.  My feet are very dry and require TLC.

15.  I have worked in the yellow page industry over 22 years.

16.  I love for friends and family to “just drop in”.

17.  People that can’t make a decision and take responsibility for the decision get on my nerves.

18.  I don’t like to hear people brag about all their stocks, money and wealth.

19.  It annoys me when someone ask me how much I paid for something.

20.  I have a gift of discernment and it has saved my neck many times.

21.  I am looking forward to passing the torch, cutting back on office work and opening a new chapter in my life.  (I think I am)

22.  I am a very independent person, but I can be totally crushed when someone speaks harshly to me or deceives me.

23.  I try to be a very forgiving person.

24.  I love my church family and I think the feeling is mutual.

25.  I wish I had nice smooth feet like Lisa (my business partner).

26.  I am a business partner in a yellow page agency. 

27.  At one time in my life, I lost over 100 pounds and need to do it again.

28.  I hate family conflict.

29.  I am very trusting until someone lies to me.  The new trust will come after they prove themselves again.

30.  I am a better idea person than a follower.

31.  I usually finish a project and think to myself that someone else could have done a better job.

32. I would like to think most people like me, but I know a few dislike me.  That makes me a little sad.

33.  I am not a person to visit the cemetary.  I have never been back since my parents died.  I feel they are not there, but in heaven.

34.  I love the feel and smell of fresh flowers.

35.  I love sitting by the stream at Roaring River in the Smoky Mts.

36.  I don’t like for anyone to scream at their kids. (especially my grandkids)

37.  My sister and her daughter are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

38.  I am not afraid of dying, but I think about how long I have remaining and what I can do constructive before that time.

39. I always made sure my kids brushed their teeth two or three times a day.  One is now 44 and the other 41 and they do not have cavities.

40.  I am not a real early morning person.

41.  I am not good at losing weight.

42.  Purple is my favorite color.

43.  I have been a ministers’ wife for 35 years.  Early in the game an older ministers’ wife told me I could use the word “NO” when ask to head every committe and be the officer in every group.  

44.  I can’t play the piano, but I like to teach.

45.  I like to take adventuresome drives down roads less trodden. 

I just felt like writing some thought that won’t be any impact on history and won’t make much difference 100 years from now.  It is just me…right now.

Reflections in My Mirror–Beginning the Journey


The journey of a lifetime now begins!  Toot the horns and do the drum roll.  We were two people doing impromptu as we took on the new roles and wife and husband.  Are we supposed to now be grown up and not act 18 and 20?  There is still that teen spirit and one that says “settle down”.  Can we have both?

It is hard to believe that we are now married and have our own life to develop and many roads to travel.  I am ready to explore and see what is around the corner.  Basil is more of a here and now person and feels faith takes care of everything.  Together we will need to blend these outlooks of life.

You just never forget your first apartment and will think of it for years to come.  You would have loved the laundry room.  It was complete with a wonderful Magtag agitator…wringer washer.  It was electric.  You would separate your dirty clothes into a white pile, dark color pile and towels.  Simple.  You just put them in the washer turned it on and let the washer agitate for ten minutes.  The you lifted them out of the water and ran each piece of clothing through the wringer and dropped them in the basket.  The dryer was out on the back porch.  He He Ha.  The dryer was not electric, but was a clothesline that had been strung between the porch post and a tree. 

Next week I am going to the laundermat!  No kidding.

Reflections in My Mirror–Honeymoon in Dunbar


Well, all of my blog fans want the rest of this story.  They have been knocking on the door and sending email requesting to hear more.  I left you hanging on the cliff,  didn’t I.

We jumped in that old Ford and headed out for our lifetime journey.  If you had friends, they pulled silly tricks on the newly weds and we had lots of friends.  The first trick was pulled when we tried to cross the Coal River bridge.  One friend got there before we arrived and blocked the end with his car and of course another got behind us and blocked us back off.  This little game was played until Mr. McClure, who didn’t know us, started honking his horn and yelling move those cars.

We finally arrive at our beautiful little apartment in Dunbar, WV.  We were so excited and totally ready to do what newly wed do (got the drift).  We go in the front door and here is “our home” and our place to taste freedom, adventure and who knows what. 

I bought a beautiful white gown at the Diamond Dept. Store for my wedding night.  I went to the drawer and got out my gown and someone had sewn up the neck and arms of the gown.  Oh, well, I didn’t need it anyway.

Eventually, we pull down the bedspread and start to get in the bed, but something seems wrong.  Someone had “double-sheeted” the bed.  They had pulled the bottom portion of the top sheet up half way and tucked it in.  There was no way you feet would go to the bottom of the bed.  Who had been in my house??  And………they had sprinkled rice in the bed too.

Things are progressing and we hear something rattling and the bed feels unstable.  After the other bed problem…we better check this out.  The eager groom will take charge of this task.  We look under the bed and some of the slats were gone and there was a string of metal items strung up.  There were measuring spoons, metal cups and silverware.  So, that is what we heard rattling!  Someone was trying to be funny, but we could not figure out how anyone got in the apartment.

The groom has to go to the bathroom and the tp is missing.  This is bad, but we make do.

We find the slats and put them back in the bed and it is around 3pm and we are now sleeping sound.  It has been a long day and we were tired.  All at once, we hear an alarm go off in the apartment.  We jump up startled and think the Monsanto plant must be evacuating the town.  We keep listening and it is in our kitchen.  It is not the stove, but it keeping going off.  We listen and it is under the cabinet.  Guess what…..someone had put a big alarm clock in a kettle and set it to go off at 3am.  Someone, somewhere must be up at 3am laughing right now.

I had to report to work at the State House on Monday and I sort of dreaded it.  I go in and all my friends are grinning.  Mary was really grinning and almost laughing.  I told them what happened at the apartment and Mary burst out laughing and admitted to getting the key from the landlord (they were friends) and rigging the apartment.  She gave me something to laugh about 47 years later.  It is nice to have friends that love you enough to care.


Reflections in My Mirror-I Hear Wedding Bells


We were so in love and crazy with adventure for the unknown.  I was 18 and he was 20 (such kids) and we wanted to spend the rest of our life together.  As the old saying goes, “We didn’t have a pot to pee in”, but that didn’t seem to matter.  We had faith, adventure and love!

We found an apartment in Dunbar and needed to get that ready before we got married.  This was truly a beautiful apartment with hardwood floors, cute kitchen nook, huge living room and the rent was $60.00 a month.  My uncle Bill co-signed for our furniture at Kyle Furniture and we selected about $3,000.00 in furniture for the entire apartment. That was a bedroom suite, stove, refrigerator, table and chairs and livingroom furniture.  LIke I said……..we had faith.

We set the date of the wedding to April 21, 1961.  I had to pay for my own gown, flowers and gifts for attendants.  No one offered to do a reception……so I had no reception and no wedding cake. 

Pastor Jack would conduct the wedding ceremony, Karen was my maid of honor and Gary was best man.  I can still remember standing at the back of the church and getting ready to enter.  I could see Mr. B standing up front and our eyes met for the first time that day.  It was magic and I knew we loved each other.   The ceremony began and the vows began.  I was to repeat after the minister and I did okay until we go to …and obey….he had to repeat that line twice before I said it.

The ceremony was over, the boquet was tossed and we jumped in our FORD.  Basil started the engine, put it in gear and it wouldn’t go anywhere.  He said, Oh, no…something must be wrong with the transmission.  Little did we know…..someone had slipped a jack under the car and propped it up.  It ended up being so funny.

We did go on a honeymoon, but we headed to Dunbar and our new cute little apartment.

To be continued:  There is a big surprise in the apartment……….really.