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Back to 2007 For A Day


Last week….yes last week…we decided to have an open house and invite our church and some friends.  Being the Martha Stewart that I am, I wanted to work a full time job and do all the baking myself.  Well, it can be done and with aching bones and joy in your heart.  I have made fudge and cookies every evening and it has actually been good.  My sister-in-law, Sharon joined me on Wednesday evening and we baked 24 dozen Texas Lizzie cookies.

We live 28 miles from the church at Leon, WV and many of the members have not been to our present address.  They and we are excited about a get-together outside the church building.  We are having the Open House from 3pm until 9pm in order to accommodate the older folks and the working people. This will be a great time for laughter and good cookies.

I hope to take a digital picture of each person and put it into a little guest book.  This was a creative idea from my business partner, Lisa.