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Each Day Is New-Winter Blahs


There is always something happening in my life or those around me, but I haven’t been motivated to write recently.  But…..the….thoughts….are slowly….coming to me now.

It has been a little depressing to see the effects of the economy hitting some of our friends.  Only yesterday, a neighbor lost his job at Chesapeake Energy.  The guys working in a downstairs office had to close his business.  People I know even more personally are losing home, cars and they don’t know where to turn. 

We should thank God every day that we have a job and count it as blessed to get up early and go to work. Actually, we do pray at our company for God to direct and guide us during these troubling times. 

I have not been going into the office on Friday for some time.  My husband and I have been using this day to run errands, have lunch together or chill out.  I have been married to Mr Basil for 47 years and I love him more everyday. 

This was a very rambling blog, but I have broken my silence and spoken.  More will follow later.


Each Day Is New–Snow and More Snow


Snow is beautiful, but…………….  On Tuesday evening, after a lot of snow, the rain started and then freezing temperatures.  This is not good.  I looked out our family room window and our shrubs looked like glass and the trees were like crystal.  In some respect, they were beautiful.

Mr. B and I were tried and actually headed off to bed around 9:30pm.  We didn’t figure we could do anything to stop the snow and we might as well go to sleep.  We had just dozed off when we heard a loud boom and the electric went off.  We have heard this noise before and knew it was the transformer on the electric pole.  This happened on Tuesday, the 27 th.

Little did we know that thousands of other people were experiencing the same thing.  Huge pine trees that line our street just couldn’t take the weight of the ice and they were on top of the electric lines and would stay there until Friday, the 30th.

We had family nearby with electric and heat and they were more than glad to let us stay with them a few days.  We were inconvenienced, but we had a place to stay.

It is during the crisis that communities and families really reach out.  Neighbors in our sub-division with electric reached out to others  & offered shelter.  We were able to take our  frozen food and keep it in someones freezer. 

We returned home on Friday and our neighbor offered to shovel our drive-way and has delivered our newspaper to our door each day.  Several people knew my husband was very sick during this time and they called to see if we needed anything.

Through this crisis I began to think about all the people who have no home and live in shelters every night.  They are at the mercy of someone giving them a coat that may even be the wrong size, but they are glad to get it.  They have to depend on someones generosity in preparing them a hot meal.   Being cold in the winter is no option for some people.  It was just an inconvenience for me and I need to thank God every day for my blessings.

It Is Feeling More Like Christmas


All the last minute shopping at the supermarket is finished (unless I forgot something else).  The cocoa mix is ready to serve to the carolers tomorrow night, the cookies have been baked and Rice Crispy Candy is chilling.  My holiday candles are flickering and the smell of cinnamon drifts through the house.  It smells like Christmas in my house.

My business partner, her husband and their two children paid us a visit this evening.  Little E was so excited to hand me a gift bag when he came down to the family room.  Inside was the cutist Christmas that he had made and painted green.  His parents are teaching him the joy of giving to others.  Of course, I hung the ornament on the front of the tree and it will be there each year.

Little E’s sister has a story about the green paint on the ornament.  Actually she got into the paint last week and her mom says she was green from head to toe. 

This was a wonderful evening with the fire crackling, kids eating cookies, adults drinking hot chocolate and a friends sitting in the floor and chatting with us.  This is something you can’t buy.

Festive Christmas Punch


You may be looking for a good recipe for your holiday or church dinner.  Let me suggest a recipe my sister-in-law gave me years ago.  This recipe originated at the Gauley Bridge Baptist Church and has been passed on to me.


2 lbs. sugar

2 cups water

Boil one minute and let cool.


1 pk. cherry Kool-Aid

1 pk. Strawberry Kool-Aid

1 48oz can orange juice

1 48oz can pineapple juice

2 qts. water

3 large ginger-ale

Serve this punch over colored ice or colored ice ring.  Perfect for holidays or a wedding reception.

Christmas Potato Candy


I told you I would share some of our family recipes during the Christmas holiday.  Now, don’t let the name Potato Candy scare you.  This candy is wonderful.  My Granny Woodrum (you can read about her on my earlier posts) “always” made this candy for Christmas.

1 medium potato

Peanut Butter

Confectioners Sugar


Boil 1 medium potato.  Peel and mash with a fork until smooth and no lumps.  Add confectioners sugar until stiff.  You will need to determine how much since it varies according to the size of the potato.  Dust a cutting board with some confectioners sugar.  Roll out as if you were rolling out pie crust, make it sort of oblong.

Spread peanut butter on top of  what you just rolled out.  Starting at the wider side…roll up like a jelly roll.  Cover in a wrap and chill.  Cut in pieces before serving.

This is a very simple recipe and people will think you took hours to make it.

Merry Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Sleigh Riding


Sleigh AngelThe first snowfall was exciting to two kids named Brian and Teresa.  They couldn’t wait to get on a warm coat, boots, gloves and two pair pants.   Snow angels seemed to appear all over the back yard.  They would go to the shed out back and dig out their sleigh, cardboard boxes or anything that would slide down the hill.  They would head for the top of the hill and then enjoy a thrill ride to the bottom.

 Me and Mr. B usually joined the kids and played in the snow too.  I wasn’t quite as brave as Mr. B, but I took a few rides too.  It always looked so far down when you were standing on the top of the hill.

FireSometime we would build a big bonfire in the middle of a field to keep everyone warm.  I have a special coco mix called “BYF Coco Mix” and it was always a hit with the half frozen kids.

One winter we had a lot of deep snow and the kids took a shoebox and made snow block for on igloo.  Some of their friends joined them in making the igloo.  It stood in the yard for several days before it melted.

I hope Brian and Teresa let their kids have this experience too.

The First Snow


g92m0caq8d0e8caiscs0fcabg24xjcaa88pm0cao48ksscaicf4drcaex8arocari93xlcahk8fxicavdhy9qcavuw3kxcaf1wn9xcabptv3ccamicywmcan3sfogca85ja2fca309ty1cawwl59g.jpgI can remember being at Granny Woodrum’s house and the first big snow of the season was on the ground.  Everyone was so excited and we would pull back the curtains to view the white that covered the ground and trees. 

This was a time of celebration!  It is time for Snow Ice Cream.  Granny had a blue porcelin bowl that would be brought out to mix the ingredients.  She would mix Carnation milk, sugar and vanilla in the bowl and give it several good stirs with a whisk.

For the rest of the ingredients, we have to put on our coats, hats and boots.  We are actually going outside a find a good clean place to gather snow and add it to the bowl of ingredients.  ***Granny always reminded us to not get snow that looked yellow.  The yellow snow meant there was dog pee in that spot***.  lol

We would go back in the house and we would all enjoy a wonderful treat that came with the first snow fall.  Granny always did know how to make memories that would be with me for years to come. 

I wish Granny would still be around and we would share some Snow Cream when the first snow arrives this winter.