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Each Day Is New- The Lady In Red


My aunt Marcella passed away a couple of days ago.  We visited the funeral home today and paid our honor to she and her family.  As I neared the coffin I could see her wishes had been carried out.  My 88-year-old aunt always loved the color red and wore it all the time.  Today was no exception.  Marcella had beautiful red flowers on her casket and she was dressed in a red suit and red loop earrings.

I spent many summers visiting with Marcella’s family.  Her daughter, Joyce and I would spend the day playing in the town of St. Albans.  Aunt Marcella was a professional seamstress and she could make anything.  Joyce always had the most beautiful doll cloths and I sort of felt a little jealous.  Her mom would have left over material and it would turn into a doll dress, doll coats and hats.

Marcella was my mother’s oldest sister and they were very close.  Marcella and Joyce would come and stay a week with us when we lived in a coal camp in Mammoth, WV. One day Joyce and I decided to play beauty shop.  I was about six and Joyce was five….when we became beauticians.  I was bossy even then.  I talked Joyce into letting me cut her hair and assured her I would be careful.  I decided she needed it cut SHORT.  Clip, clip, snip all on one side of her head and then….OUR MOTHER’S CAME OUT ON THE PORCH where I was cutting.  I thought they were going to faint and we were two scared little girls.

Through the years Marcella’s signature color was always red.  I wonder if the Red Hat Society got their idea from her?

I will always cherish my childhood memories at Aunt Marcella’s house.  She had a parakeet that laid eggs, a bathtub on claw feet, a wardrobe with lots of hats, a really fast sewing machine, crisp bacon and lots of patience to tolerate two giggling little girls.  We would always attend Grace Baptist Temple on Sunday and come home to a Sunday Dinner.

The Lady in Red had lived her many years and brought joy to others.  God called her home and I believe she may even get a red robe in heaven.


Each Day Is New- WV..My Home Sweet Home


I can’t compare living in WV to another state.  I was born in WV and I have lived here all my life.  My ancestors before me chose rural Lincoln County and my legacy began.

My mother’s maiden name was McClure and our ancestors originated from Ireland.  The first McClure in our line was Richard McClure and he arrived in Culpeper, VA in 1700.  Other McClure’s in the clan soon arrived in Culpeper and headed out to claim their own farms.  These people were wild, brave and adventuresome.

It just blows my mind to realize that the McClure clan traveled by wagon (there were no car’s and few roads) from Culpeper to Yawkey, WV.  This is a long trip, even by car. 

Over a hundred or more years later their legacy lives on in the families that still lives, works and plays in WV.  We have kept our roots in a state of which we are proud.  Yes, we are unique.  We talk different than someone from Illinois, but we shouldn’t apologize.  Our speech is who we are and from where we live.  As West Virginian’s, we have built our homes here, spent our lives in the workforce, established our places of worship and voted for the political figures that lead the state. 

Stand up and be counted as a proud West Virginian.  Pass on your heritage and the great stories of our ancestors to your children and grandchildren.  Pull out those old family pictures and tell the children how their ancestors arrived in West Virginia and how they survived hard times. 

My Home Sweet Home

Each Day Is New–Where Did Time Go?



I looked at my Blog Stats and my blog has a reading of someone who’s heart is barely beating.  Perhaps I need to be shocked back into writing daily. 

It was only yesterday that I was a little girl with dreams of being a teen.  Almost 47 years ago I was married to the love of my life and over the years we had two wonderful children.  Finally, four wonderful grandchildren that are “the most special in the world”. 

I have always thrived in business management and ownership and thought I would never want to quit.  I began by scaling back and not working on Friday and now 24 hours a week as owner/consultant.  I LOVE IT! My two other business partners are very capable of handling most situations and can depend on me for consulting and helping them.

Basil’s job as pastor and mine in business have prevented us spending the time together that we desired.  I will never look back and wish I would have spent more hours at the office, but I may wish I had more family time.  Only working 24 hours or so a week is opening up doors to help others.  I love visiting the sick and elderly with Basil.  I seem to go to lift them up and I am the one that leaves feeling better.

Basil was not obligated to our church this morning and he accepted an invitation to be the speaker at The Community Church in Lincoln Co.  This was a wonderful time of seeing children we knew who are now married and have children of their own.  It brought back so many good memories to see the McClure Family sing during the devotion.  I thought Basil’s message on “Enjoy the Journey” was very touching and well accepted.

We arrived at the church a little early so we drove on through Yawkey, WV.  We lived in Yawkey for 17 years and moved from there in 1982.  Many of the older houses, including my parent’s home are still there.  As we drove, my memories triggered wonderful thoughts of my life when we were younger. 

 Where did the time go?

Each Day Is New–Restoring Antiques


I have always loved the vintage look of antique furniture. It is a blessing to love antiques when you can’t afford to buy brand new furniture.   The craftsmanship and how old antiques are put together is unique.

I look at old furniture and it opens up my thoughts as to who owned this fine or not so fine pieced of furniture?  Wonder who sat in this chair or who held this rolling pin?   How did this piece of furniture end up in a resale shop all scratched and dented?

Some pieces of furniture started out without a scratch and were treated with up most care.  The owner made sure to keep the piece dusted and it was the centerpiece of the room.  Over time, respect was lost for this fine piece and it got stained and scratched and the newness was gone.

Sometimes we are like an old antique that lost the grand shine and are no longer the centerpiece for others to admire.  Our outer shell can become stained with carelessness on our part and the abuse of others.  We look at ourself and we think there is no hope and we might as well give up.

The old antique is rescued from the junk yard by someone that sees the potential and can see the possibilities for the future.  Just as old antique furniture can be restored, so can you and I.  The woodworker takes out the cloth and rubs on the liquid that will remove all the dents, scratches and stains that have accumulated over the years.  His sandpaper will smooth out the rough spots and a new finish will be applied.  This old antique will have a new place in life and will once again be a joy to itself and others.

This same application can be applied by God to our sin stained lives that have gotten burdened and stained over the years.  God is ready when we are ready to take off the old sin stained shell and replace it with a brand new life.  All you have to do is ask Him to forgive you and your life will be like the antique that has a new finish and will have a useful place in life.

The process to restore our antique life can be found in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life”.  Are you ready to be restored?

Fourty-five Things and You May Care Less



1.  My maiden name was Woodrum.

2.  I don’t like to drive behind a man driving a truck and wearing a ball cap.

3.  I have never been drunk.

4.  I don’t smoke.

5.  I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old.

6.  I don’t like Science Fiction movies or books.

7.  I won a trip to the Bahamas by having the highest yellow page sales.

8.  I love having lunch with a group of my girlfriends and just laughing until we cry.

9.  I have been married 47 years to the same man.

10.  We were wise enough to have marriage counseling when needed.

11.  I have two children and four grandchildren.

12.  I won’t leave the house without my make-up and hair groomed.

13.  I start a lot of crafts and don’t finish the crafts I don’t like.

14.  My feet are very dry and require TLC.

15.  I have worked in the yellow page industry over 22 years.

16.  I love for friends and family to “just drop in”.

17.  People that can’t make a decision and take responsibility for the decision get on my nerves.

18.  I don’t like to hear people brag about all their stocks, money and wealth.

19.  It annoys me when someone ask me how much I paid for something.

20.  I have a gift of discernment and it has saved my neck many times.

21.  I am looking forward to passing the torch, cutting back on office work and opening a new chapter in my life.  (I think I am)

22.  I am a very independent person, but I can be totally crushed when someone speaks harshly to me or deceives me.

23.  I try to be a very forgiving person.

24.  I love my church family and I think the feeling is mutual.

25.  I wish I had nice smooth feet like Lisa (my business partner).

26.  I am a business partner in a yellow page agency. 

27.  At one time in my life, I lost over 100 pounds and need to do it again.

28.  I hate family conflict.

29.  I am very trusting until someone lies to me.  The new trust will come after they prove themselves again.

30.  I am a better idea person than a follower.

31.  I usually finish a project and think to myself that someone else could have done a better job.

32. I would like to think most people like me, but I know a few dislike me.  That makes me a little sad.

33.  I am not a person to visit the cemetary.  I have never been back since my parents died.  I feel they are not there, but in heaven.

34.  I love the feel and smell of fresh flowers.

35.  I love sitting by the stream at Roaring River in the Smoky Mts.

36.  I don’t like for anyone to scream at their kids. (especially my grandkids)

37.  My sister and her daughter are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

38.  I am not afraid of dying, but I think about how long I have remaining and what I can do constructive before that time.

39. I always made sure my kids brushed their teeth two or three times a day.  One is now 44 and the other 41 and they do not have cavities.

40.  I am not a real early morning person.

41.  I am not good at losing weight.

42.  Purple is my favorite color.

43.  I have been a ministers’ wife for 35 years.  Early in the game an older ministers’ wife told me I could use the word “NO” when ask to head every committe and be the officer in every group.  

44.  I can’t play the piano, but I like to teach.

45.  I like to take adventuresome drives down roads less trodden. 

I just felt like writing some thought that won’t be any impact on history and won’t make much difference 100 years from now.  It is just me…right now.

Reflections in My Mirror–The Tent Revival


There were several church’s in the community where we lived. The denominations included Baptist, Methodist, Church of God and Church of Christ.  During the summer months some of the church’s would go together an plan a tent revival.  A farmer would let them use one of his big fields and the men would put up a big brown tent.  They would bring in folding chairs, sting lights for the meeting and donate song books.

There would be many people that would go to a tent revival that would never go to the church house.  I suppose it didn’t seems as threatening to them.  It was interesting to see how other church’s worshiped and as a kid I just observed.  Some people would “get in the Spirit”, raise their hands and talk loud.  Some older men would “shout” loud their praise and others would just wave their hands.  Our church worshiped in a much quieter manner, but I learned to appreciate how others praise God.

The person doing the preaching was called an evangelist and he usually traveled to many town’s in WV to preach in tents.  Their message was usually directed to Christians to improve their relationship with God and to unsaved to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  People would go to the alter during the invitation and have prayer with the minister.

This was an old fashioned way to worship, but I remember it as being very interesting.

Reflections in My Mirror–The Stone’s for Dinner


Back in the 50’s Sunday was a time for worship and a big home cooked dinner.  My parents taught us that God loved us and we should love Him enough to attend church and give him our praise.  Everyone was expected to go to church unless you were vomiting or running a fever of 104.  The men wore their suits, ties and dress shoes.  The mother and kids wore their Sunday Go To Meeting dresses and dress shoes.  We dressed in our best to show respect for the church and to God.

There were no restaurants nearby and every family usually had a big Sunday dinner.  My mom would do some of the cooking on Saturday and put some of the kettles on before we went to church.  I can almost smell the fried chicken, fresh green beans, real mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, chicken gravy, homemade rolls, ice tea and German Chocolate Cake.  The other memorable meal was pot roast with potatoes, carrots and large noodles. 

Rev. Stone and his wife lived some distance away and my parents invited them to eat dinner with us and stay the afternoon.  Sometime they would come on Saturday evening and spend the night. Rev. Stone was a short chubby little man and I always loved having he and his wife spend time at our house.  He loved my mothers cooking and she felt good in showing them hospitality.

In the 50’s I had no idea that I would marry a minister and we would be still married today after 46 years.  The hospitality that my parents showed to other ministers and missionaries from foreign countries made a deep impression on me.  Most ministers and their family have a “Martha and Mary House” where they can feel like family, kick off their shoes, get a good meal and take a nap. 

I would love to experience another meal that my mom cooked.  All I have are the memories and they are precious.