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Each Day Is New-Where is the Father?


Posted on:  by Brenda Hudson

I love to sit on the balcony at the beach and take in all the action.  We are always looking for a sharks, dolphins and sailboats.  I love to watch

View From The Top

people try to put up their canopy and a big whisk of wind catch it.  I suppose that is funny to me, but not them.

One particular day I was sitting on the balcony and noticed a little boy around two years old who seemed to be by himself.  I didn’t see any adults near him.  He had on his little inner tube and began walking out past the row of umbrellas.  I though “where are the parents?  Is anyone watching this kid?”  Step after step he was heading past the umbrellas and down toward the ocean.  I was really getting worried.  He is now at the edge of the water.  Danger is near.

I spot a young man with two other children and he hold up his arms and the little boy takes his hand.  HE IS THE FATHER.  The father knew where is son was all the time.  The little boy was safe and his father really was watching out for him.

This is just like our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes it seems we are all alone and no one is looking after us.  Our Heavenly Father has us in His sites and He has went down the path before us.  We are safe and He knows our every movement.  What a comforting thought.

Each Day Is New-A Kodak Moment


We just had a wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Yes, I know there are other beaches, but we went to Myrtle.  After all, it is sort of a WV thing.  Right?  This was a time to not hurry, make many pit stops on the way down and have our mind, soul and body refreshed.

Water FunWater just touches my spirit and one look at the vast ocean and I am open to being mentally refreshed.  For some reason, the word limitations entered my mind and I didn’t know why.  What made me think of the word limitations?

The water in the pool felt as refreshing as it looked.  The pool was very accessible, easy to get into the water and relaxed very muscle in my stressed body.  Oh, no I am thinking of the word limitations.  I know I have more limitations than I did 20 or 30 years ago.  Am I supposed to learn something about limitations?

During the week we headed out to Broadway at the Beach.  The left side of my back in the kidney area was really hurting when I walked.  I was wondering if “Uncle Arthur” had struck my back?  Am I getting old too quick?  Do I have limitations?  (I didn’t know it then, but I was getting a serious kidney infection )  Actually I was feeling like a “party pooper” with my back hurting and my legs hurting.  I was feeling sorry for myself and thought I had too many limitations.

Water Pool UmbrellaSomething is going to happen under this Water Umbrella and it will be the highlight of my vacation.  My sister and I were sitting in the sun near this water umbrella.  I see a black woman pushing a wheelchair down the side of the pool.  Her husband is a very large man in swimming trunks and his legs are off below the knees.  The man in the wheelchair looked so hot and he desperately wanted in the water.  This end of the pool has a slight ramp, but his wife didn’t have the muscle to wheel him in.

A total stranger sitting beside me told the man he would help him get into the water.  Slowly, he backed the wheelchair into the water and directly under the water umbrella.  The smile and joy expressed by the handicapped man was felt by everyone.  He sat under the umbrella with water streaming down his body and he began to laugh.  He said I could just stay in here all day.

This man certainly had LIMITATIONS, but he didn’t let them stop him.  He wasn’t afraid to ask someone for help.

I had been complaining with a back aches and leg aches, but I saw someone with no legs and I didn’t feel quite so bad. My limitations are small.