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Each Day Is New–Graduating at Duval High School


Following 12 years of school our final ceremony at school would be graduation.  I graduated from Duval High School in 1960 and still remember the excitement and also the sadness.  This would be a change in our lives and it would effect where we went to school, who we married, where we chose to live and finding new friends.  We were ready to take the next big step.

Mrs. Vandeline was the teacher in charge of our graduation ceremony and she had rules “that would be followed” or else.  She took great pride in our hats sitting properly, back straight and no gum.  We would line up and march up the hallway and into the gym what seemed like fifty times.  There was no air conditioner or electric fans and it was a hot May day.  She would make sure this ceremony would be even greater than the last one.

Linda McClure and I were asked to gather some cut flowers from our yards.  These flowers and greenery would go on the arch’s that we would march through on graduation night.  We were at school and had to borrow Frank Adkins car to get the flowers.  We were so afraid we would run out of gas so together we came up with fifty cents and got gas.

Everyone worked together as a team to make this night special.  I look back 50 years and really appreciate the teachers that taught us to be respectful, do the best you can do, and make an impact on those around you.