Monthly Archives: May 2009

Each Day Is New-Some Days Are Plain Yucky


I am usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person and enjoy my daily blessings.  However, I have just figured out that God is still working on me and some days are plain yucky.  Don’t give me any of that…”you should be thankful and count your blessings”.  I do count my blessings, but the last few days could have been better.

The simple things in life are usually what lights up my life.  Things like white drifting clouds, a fresh cut flower, a sleeping baby or an unexpected note from a friend.  This is the things money can’t buy and they usually make me happy.

Did you ever feel an invisible force  that seems to be draining you of the joy in your life?  This pull makes me become unmotivated to take care of responsibilities at times.  I have procrastinated in making a doctor’s appointment, in getting my mammogram, scheduling a dental appointment, and making vacation reservations. 

I don’t like to feel unmotivated and unattached.  This is just not me.  I am the only one that can work on this situation and I plan to work on it.

1.  I am taking time to stop and thank God for my family.  We are not perfect, but it is our family. (This sound like a Jon and Kate quote)

2.  I need to look around me at all the people who lost their jobs and be thankful for my job.  I need to find a way to help those less fortunate.

3.  I want to look at myself as a work in progress.  Our emotions can be up and they can be down, but God still loves us.  Tomorrow is a new day.

4.  I would like to do something special for someone and not let them know I did it. 

5.  I will be patient with myself during the days that are yucky. 

6.  Semi-retirement is a new direction.  I will find joy and happiness in yet undiscovered ways. 

You know, I already feel better by just stating my feelings.  I am listening to the rain and smelling the sweetness of the wind in my face.  God is good.

Each Day Is New-MOTHER Training


I  became a mother at the young age of 21 years old and knew very little about the position.  No one gave me a job description, I didn’t know the position would be 24/7 and it was truly on the job training.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not complaining.

The older women in my family gave me wonderful examples of being a good MOTHER.  I had grandparents, aunts and my own mother from which I learned.  My mother made sure her children were taught manners, our clothes were always clean, brushing your teeth was important and that God is to be first in your life.

All through my children’s childhood I did the best job possible and prayed to God that it was right.  I read in the Bible if I trained up my children in the way they should go that they would not depart.  My faith was in God and His promises.

Parents make many sacrifices to see the needs of their children are met.  I can remember not buying shoes or clothes for myself in order to buy for my children.  I don’t regret it and would do it again. 

Tomorrow my adult children will visit and I think they have turned out exceptionally well.  The most important thing in their life is their faith and acceptance of God.  I am sure they have new ideas on parenting, but the basis of it all is your love for God and family. 

Sometimes I wish I could have a few days and my children would be little again.  Well, that is not going to happen.  The next best thing is having grandchildren.  I can sort of spoil them and then give them back to their parents. 

My mother and grandparents have passed, but they left me something money can not buy.  Thanks, mom.